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Award Holders /

All our Investor in Careers Award holders have demonstrated a commitment to provide impartial, independent Careers Education, information, advice and guidance to all young people.

This really is one of the highest accolades an organisation can receive for excellence in this area of work and is definitely something the award holder can be very proud of. The IiC standard is about improving students’ awareness of opportunities, raising their aspirations and working with them to ensure they achieve their full potential. In addition to the benefits to students, many schools find IiC to be of enormous help in providing evidence for Ofsted inspections. We hope to see even more schools / colleges getting involved in Investor in Careers in the future.

License Holders /

We have a number of IiC licence holders across the country who will be able to advise and assist you in achieving the IiC standard. These organisations work closely with Investor in Careers and are experts in the field of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

Our licence holders are part of the IiC national network and meet twice a year to update and ensure best practice. They are all committed to the Investor in Careers Standards and are on hand to offer advice and consultancy.

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We do have Licence holder opportunities across the country If you are interested in becoming a licence holder or finding out more please contact Debra Scarratt - – 07786 856246

Assessors /

The role of the assessor is vital to Investor in Careers (IiC) and all our Independent IiC assessors are highly qualified and highly experienced individuals.   They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and many many years of expertise in the field of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). 

All our assessors  work closely with Investor in Careers ensuring that the standards are up to date, fit for purpose and meet current legislation.

The role of the assessor is not just about making judgements on the quality of the CEIAG provision in your school, college, or training organisation, they also provide a supportive role and will discuss possible areas for development.

This does not imply that there are quality issues with your provision. The opposite is true. Our assessors will have visited many schools, colleges, and training organisations and will be able to share some of this knowledge and good practice with you - use the ttime you have with the assessor to seek advice and ideas for development, as this is also evidence of commitment to continuous improvement.

Pen portraits of all our assessors can be found here.

Linda Kelly
Ian Hosker
Jeremy Cloke
Paul Summers
Sue Whittaker
Lesley Miller
Rosemary Sutton
Julia Hopkins
Martin Palmer
David Pusey
Andy Veale
Gill Morrison
Janet Colledge
Margaret McKivett
Mark Yates
Ann Tunstall
Christina Jones